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How to carring the rabbit?

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1 How to carring the rabbit? on Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:41 pm


1. *Shelter- You need to purchase a hutch or a cage for your rabbit, unless it is going to be a house bunny. You can buy cages from Pet Smart, Petco, Walmart, and many other stores if you are looking for brand new cages. Another great spot to look is craigslist.com and local breeders-you can usually get or find great quality cages for a lower price!

2. *Food dish- I have found heavy ceramic dishes work best for me, but many rabbit owners just use heavy household dishes/bowls. You can also find dishes that attach to the cages like j-feeders or EZ crocks.

3. *Water Bottle/dish- If you are buying a water bottle, I would recommend a 32oz. Rabbits can drink ALOT, and you don't want your bunny to run out of water when you are not home to fill it up again. For water you can also use a heavy ceramic dish or E-Z crocks. But I have also found that E-Z crocks work best in winter because if the water freezes the E-Z crock won't break like a ceramic dish would when the water expands.

4. *Food- I recomend Purina Show Quality Rabbit Pellets. It is all I feed my rabbits, and it is a very nice pelleted feed. You can find this at your local Tractor Supply or other farm/feed stores. Kent feed is also a great brand.

5. *Timothy hay- You can buy small sacks of hay at many stores for around $3-$4.

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